The Sydney and Suburban Reform League [advertisement, 25 February 1900]

[Editor: An advertisement for the Sydney and Suburban Reform League. Published in The Sunday Times, 25 February 1900.] The Sydney and Suburban Reform League. 1. Advocates Justice for the Workers. 2. Denounces the Sweating System. 3. Is Opposed to Monopoly in Every Form. 4. Panders to No Section of the Community. 5. Desires Freedom for […]

To the electors of the Upper Hunter [election statement of John Robertson, 1 December 1860]

[Editor: An election advertisement regarding the candidature of John Robertson for the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales. Published in The Maitland Mercury, 1 December 1860.] To the electors of the Upper Hunter. Gentlemen — I again offer myself as a Candidate for your representation, and desire to remind you that the dissolution of the […]

The Federal Election: To the Electors of the Federal Division of Oxley [9 March 1901]

[Editor: An election statement from Richard Edwards. Published in The Worker, 30 March 1901.] The Federal Election. To the Electors of the Federal Division of Oxley. Fellow-electors, — Having been selected by the Branch Leagues of your division and endorsed by the Commonwealth Electoral League of Queensland to contest the election to represent you in […]

The Straight Tip [poem advertisements, 30 October 1908]

[Editor: Two poetical advertisements from the The Alexandra and Yea Standard, 1908.] The Straight Tip. If you want to dream the winner Of the Caulfield or the Cup, Be reckless with your dinner, Also careless how you sup. But for indigestion chronic, With its train of lesser ills. The tip is Laxo-Tonic, Perfect pick-me-up of […]

The Bulletin Library [The Bulletin Reciter]

[Editor: This list of publications (advertisement) was published in The Bulletin Reciter, 1901.] The Bulletin Library Edited by A. G. Stephens Castro’s Last Sacrament, and Other Stories, 5s., postfree. By Albert Dorrington. The Bulletin Story Book, 5s., post free. The Bulletin Reciter, 5s. 4d, , post free. A Book of Bulletin Verse, [In Preparation. The […]