Araluen [poem by Henry Kendall, 27 September 1879]

[Editor: A poem by Henry Kendall, regarding the death of his baby daughter. Published in The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser, 27 September 1879. It was also published in Songs from the Mountains (1880).] Araluen. Take this rose and very gently place it on the tender, deep Mosses where our little darling, Araluen, […]

Obituary: Mr. John Allen [“Death of a Tasmanian pioneer”, 31 December 1879]

[Editor: An article about an Australian pioneer, John Allen (1806-1879). An extract from the “Obituary” column. Published in The Mercury, 31 December 1879.] Obituary. Mr. John Allen. — A few days ago Mr. John Allen, one of the oldest settlers in Glamorgan, passed away at the age of 73. He was born in county Somerset, […]

Every-day life in the colony [17 September 1879]

[Editor: This article was part of “The International Exhibition Supplement” published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 17 September 1879.] Every-day life in the colony. A stranger, arriving in Sydney from the mother-country, would find very little at first sight in the every-day life of the people to remind him that he was many thousand miles […]

Mr. George Black [19 April 1879]

[Editor: An article, written by Henry Richard Nicholls, regarding George Black, who was part of the events of the Eureka Rebellion. Published in The Argus, 19 April 1879.] Mr. George Black. There appeared in the obituary column of The Argus a few days ago the following notice:— “George Black, at Kew, 62 years, an old […]

The Parkes letter [by Ned Kelly, 1879]

[Editor: This was a letter composed by Ned Kelly in 1879 and sent to Sir Henry Parkes (Premier of New South Wales).] [Background: In the Parkes letter, Ned Kelly states that he is in Bathurst. It is possible that this was written to aggravate Sir Henry Parkes (Premier of New South Wales) in retaliation for […]