Rock music and pop music [videos]

Australian rock and roll, singers, musicians, pop music, country music, and folk music; mostly pop and rock from the 1950s up to the present. Arranged chronologically by years of prominent activity.

Johnny O’Keefe [rock singer, 1956 to 1978]

Slim Dusty [country music singer and songwriter, 1956 to 2003]

song: A Pub With No Beer [Slim Dusty, 1957]

The Groop [rock band, 1964 to 1969]

Masters Apprentices [rock band, 1965 to 1972]

Brian Cadd [singer and songwriter, 1966 to present]

Axiom [rock band, 1969 to 1971]

Spectrum [rock band, 1969 to 1973]

The Bushwackers [folk music band, 1971 to present]

song: Eagle Rock [Daddy Cool, 1971]

The Dingoes [country rock band, 1973 to 1979]

The Angels [rock band, 1974 to 2000]

song: The Newcastle song [Bob Hudson, 1975]

song: C’mon Aussie C’mon [the Mojo Singers, 1978]

Divinyls [rock band, 1980 to 1997]

Wallis and Matilda [folk music band, 1980 to present]

song: Clancy of the Overflow [Wallis & Matilda, 1980]

song: Duncan [“I’d love to have a beer with Duncan”] [Slim Dusty, 1980]

song: Great Southern Land [Icehouse, 1982]

song: I Was Only 19 [Redgum, 1983]

song: Sounds of Then [“This is Australia”] [sung by Gang Gajang, 1985]

The Pigs [bluegrass band, 2007 to present]


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