Australiana [15 January 1936]

[Editor: These items are from the “Australiana” column published in The World’s News (Sydney, NSW), 15 January 1936.] Australiana The hairless horse Whenever I try to tell the truth about the hairless horse of Queensland the audience walks away without a word — politely, but definitely. Nevertheless, the facts remain. For years along the Balonne […]

Humorosities of the week [22 March 1929]

[Editor: This article was published in The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld.), 22 September 1920.] Humorosities of the week. The official luncheon on St. Patrick’s Day did not pass without the perpetration of the customary “Irish Bull.” One speaker announced that there was no Irishman who was not proud of his birthplace, “even if he was not […]

Treatment of returned soldiers [re. returned soldiers and elections, 22 September 1920]

[Editor: This untitled article, about returned soldiers and elections, was published in The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld.), 22 September 1920.] [Treatment of returned soldiers] At Mr. Elphinstone’s meeting on Monday, Brigadier-General Wilson asked the electors to look into the past history of the Labour party so far as its treatment of returned soldiers is concerned. Excellent […]

The habitability of Australia [22 September 1920]

[Editor: This article was published in The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld.), 22 September 1920.] The habitability of Australia What has science to say in answer to a question as to the population-supporting capacity of Australia? This subject is dealt with in a very interesting manner by Dr. Griffith Taylor, Associate Professor of Geography in the University […]

The Anglican Synod [article re. cremation, 21 May 1898]

[Editor: This untitled article about Christianity and cremation was published in The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), 21 May 1898.] [The Anglican Synod] The Anglican Synod of South Australia has taken a lesson from the Pagans of old, and has passed a resolution favouring, on sanitary and economic grounds, the substitution of cremation for the present system […]