Various books and booklets of Australian literature.
[Arranged alphabetically by title.]

John O’Brien, Around The Boree Log and Other Verses, front cover 100hAround the Boree Log and Other Verses [by John O’Brien, 1921]
Poems by John O’Brien (Patrick Joseph Hartigan).

The Australian Crisis [by C. H. Kirmess, 1909]
A novel about a Japanese invasion of Australia, by Charles H. Kirmess. This book had a significant influence upon the Australian public, with regards to the military defence of Australia.

Australians Awake, front cover, 100hAustralians, Awake! And Other Poems [by L. E. Homfray, 1915]
A booklet by Lucy Everett Homfray, published during the First World War (1914-1918). This publication was sold to raise funds for the Red Cross Fund, as a way of contributing to the war effort; it included poems of a patriotic and religious nature.

John Fisher, Australianism, front cover, 100hAustralianism (1954) [by John Fisher]
A booklet by John Fisher which lays out his socialist outlook on economic and social issues, advocating a co-operative economy, and critiquing capitalism, orthodox socialism, and trade unions. The booklet was entitled on its front cover as “Australianism: New Way of Life through Co-operation”. Whilst this publication is entitled “Australianism”, it is not about cultural Australianism.

Grant Hervey, Australians Yet, front cover 100hAustralians Yet and Other Verses [by Grant Hervey, 1913]
Poems by Grant Hervey.

Backblock Ballads and Later Verses [by C. J. Dennis, 1918]
Poems by C. J. Dennis.

C. J. Dennis, Backblock Ballads and Other Verses, front cover 100hBackblock Ballads and Other Verses [by C. J. Dennis, 1913]
Poems by C. J. Dennis.

Beauty Imposes: Some Recent Verse [by John Shaw Neilson, 1938]
Poems by John Shaw Neilson.

Rex Ingamells, Because Men Went Hungry, front cover 100hBecause Men Went Hungry: An Essay on the Uncertainty of Australian Prestige [by Rex Ingamells, 1951]
In this booklet Rex Ingamells puts forward his theory that the development of Australia suffered because of the long-term damage to its reputation caused by the food shortage which occurred in its early days.

Bells and Bees: Verses [by Louis Esson, 1910]
Poems by Louis Esson.

Jack Moses, Beyond the City Gates, front cover 100hBeyond the City Gates: Australian Story & Verse [by Jack Moses, 1923]
Poems and short stories by Jack Moses.

A Book for Kids [by C. J. Dennis, 1921]
Poems and stories for children, by C. J. Dennis.

The Bronze Trumpet: A Satirical Poem [by Henry Kendall, 1866]
A booklet-length poem by Henry Kendall.

The Bulletin Reciter, 15th edition front cover 100hThe Bulletin Reciter: A Collection of Verses for Recitation from “The Bulletin” [1880-1901] [edited by A.G. Stephens, 1902]
Poems from the writers of The Bulletin magazine.

The Burke and Wills Expedition: One of a Series of Poems [by a Native of Australia, 1863]
An eight-page booklet of an anonymously-authored poem regarding the Burke and Wills expedition.

A Bush Idyl [by Kenneth Mackay, 1888]
Poems by Kenneth Mackay.

The Bushrangers; A Play in Five Acts, and Other Poems [by Charles Harpur, 1865]
Poems by Charles Harpur.

P. R. Stephensen, The Bushwhackers, front cover 100hThe Bushwhackers: Sketches of Life in the Australian Outback [by P. R. Stephensen, 1929]
A book of short stories, by P. R. Stephensen.

A Child’s Smile [by “Southern Cross”, 1944]
Poems by “Southern Cross”.

Collected Poems of John Shaw Neilson [edited by R. H. Croll, 1934]
Poems by John Shaw Neilson.

J. J. Kenneally, The Complete Inner History of the Kelly Gang, front cover 100hThe Complete Inner History of the Kelly Gang and Their Pursuers [by J. J. Kenneally, 5th edition, 1946]
The classic non-fiction book about the Kelly Gang, by J. J. Kenneally. Several editions of the book have been published: March 1929, May 1929, 1934, 1945, 1946, 1950, 1955, 1969, and 1980.

Rex Ingamells, Conditional Culture, front cover 100hConditional Culture [by Rex Ingamells, 1938]
A booklet promoting the development of an Australian national culture, by Rex Ingamells.

The Country I Come From [by Henry Lawson, 1901]
Short stories by Henry Lawson.
[Comprised of stories from several previously-published books by Lawson.]

C. J. Dennis, Doreen, 1917, front cover 100hDoreen [by C. J. Dennis, 1917]
Poems by C. J. Dennis.

Dryblower’s Verses [by “Dryblower” Murphy, 1926]
Poems by Edwin Greenslade Murphy (“Dryblower”).

The Earthen Floor [by E. J. Brady, 1899]
Poems by E. J. Brady.

Raffaello Carboni, The Eureka Stockade, 1947 edition, front cover 100hThe Eureka Stockade: The Consequence of Some Pirates Wanting on Quarter-Deck a Rebellion [by Raffaello Carboni, 1855]
A first-hand account of the Eureka rebellion, by Raffaello Carboni.

Fools’ Harvest [by Erle Cox, 1939]
A novel by Erle Cox about a fictional invasion of Australia.

Forgotten People [by Rex Ingamells, 1936]
Poems by Rex Ingamells.

P. R. Stephensen, The Foundations of Culture in Australia, front cover 100hThe Foundations of Culture in Australia: An Essay towards National Self-Respect [by P. R. Stephensen, 1936]
A book promoting Australian cultural nationalism, by P. R. Stephensen.

From Phillip to McKell: The Story of Australia [by Rex Ingamells, 1949]
A booklet by Rex Ingamells.

Gumtops [by Rex Ingamells, 1935]
Poems by Rex Ingamells.

John Shaw Neilson, Heart of Spring, front cover 100hHeart of Spring [by John Shaw Neilson, 1919]
Poems by John Shaw Neilson.

The Horses of the Hills and Other Verses [by Marie E. J. Pitt, 1911]
Poems by Marie E. J. Pitt.

“I Dips Me Lid” to the Sydney Harbour Bridge [by C. J. Dennis, 1932]
A promotional pamphlet centred upon a poem by C. J. Dennis.

In the Days When the World Was Wide and Other Verses [by Henry Lawson, 1896]
Poems by Henry Lawson.

Kookaburras and Satyrs: Some Recollections of The Fanfrolico Press [by P. R. Stephensen, 1954]
Reminiscences, and comments on culture, by P. R. Stephensen.

Leaves from Australian Forests [by Henry Kendall, 1869]
Poems by Henry Kendall.

The Man from Snowy River and Other Verses, 1966 edition, front cover, 100hThe Man from Snowy River and Other Verses [by A. B. Paterson, 1895]
Poems by Andrew Barton (“Banjo”) Paterson.

The Moods of Ginger Mick [by C. J. Dennis, 1916]
Poems by C. J. Dennis.

Norman Lindsay Does Not Care: An Outburst [by P.R. Stephensen, 1928]
A pamphlet by P. R. Stephensen.

The Old Bush Songs [edited by A. B. Paterson, 1905]
Songs from Australia’s colonial era, collected by Andrew Barton (“Banjo”) Paterson.

On the Track [by Henry Lawson, 1900]
Short stories by Henry Lawson.

Out of the Silence [by Erle Cox, 1919]
A science fiction novel by Erle Cox. The story originally appeared in serial form in The Argus (Melbourne) in 1919, and was published in a book format in 1925. This is the 1947 edition, which includes a Prologue.

Over the Sliprails [by Henry Lawson, 1900]
Short stories by Henry Lawson.

John O'Brien, The Parish of St Mel's, 1954 edition front cover 100hThe Parish of St Mel’s and Other Verses [by John O’Brien, 1954]
Poems by John O’Brien (Patrick Joseph Hartigan).

Poems [by Menie Parkes, 1867]
Poems by Menie Parkes (Clarinda Sarah Parkes).

Poems [by Agnes L. Storrie, 1909]
Poems by Agnes Louisa Storrie (Agnes L. Kettlewell).

Poems and Songs [by Henry Kendall, 1862]
Poems by Henry Kendall.

Joseph Furphy, The Poems of Joseph Furphy, front cover 100hThe Poems of Joseph Furphy [edited by Kate Baker, 1916]
Poems by Joseph Furphy.

Poetry Militant: An Australian Plea for the Poetry of Purpose [by Bernard O’Dowd, 1909]
A booklet-length essay on the perceived social responsibilities of poets, by Bernard O’Dowd.

Red Gums, by Louis Esson, front cover 100hRed Gums and Other Verses [by Louis Esson, 1912]
Poems by Louis Esson.

Shadows and Sunbeams [by Agnes Neale, 1890]
Poems by Agnes Neale.

A Short History of Australia [by Ernest Scott, 1936]
This is the 6th edition (1936) of A Short History of Australia by Ernest Scott (the book was first published in December 1916).]

Short Stories in Prose and Verse, by Henry Lawson, front cover, 100hShort Stories in Prose and Verse [by Henry Lawson, 1894]
Poems and short stories by Henry Lawson.

The Singing Garden [by C. J. Dennis, 1935]
Poems, and some short stories, by C. J. Dennis.

‘Somewhere in France’ [by L. E. Homfray, 1917]
A booklet by Lucy Everett Homfray, published during the First World War (1914-1918).

Songs and Verses by Philip Durham Lorimer: An Australian Bush Poet [edited by E. A. Petherick, 1901]
Poems by Philip Durham Lorimer, with a biography of him by Edward Augustus Petherick.

Songs from the Mountains [by Henry Kendall, 1880]
Poems by Henry Kendall.

C. J. Dennis, The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke, 1964 edition, front cover 100hThe Songs of a Sentimental Bloke [by C. J. Dennis, 1915]
A novel, in poetical form, by C. J. Dennis, about a romance between a street-wise bloke and a refined cliner; a glossary is included.

Stirrup Jingles from the Bush and the Turf and Other Rhymes [by Kenneth Mackay, 1887]
Poems by Kenneth Mackay.

The Story of the Eureka Stockade, John Lynch, front cover 100hThe Story of the Eureka Stockade [by John Lynch, 1947]
A first-hand account of the Eureka rebellion, and the leading characters involved, by John Lynch; originally published as a monthly series of six articles in The Austral Light (October 1893 to March 1894). John Lynch was not just an eyewitness to the Eureka Rebellion, but was an active participant in the miners’ movement.

Such is Life, 1945 edition, front cover 100hSuch is Life: Being Certain Extracts from the Diary of Tom Collins [by Tom Collins, 1903]
A classic novel of Australian literature, written by Tom Collins (Joseph Furphy).

Thatcher’s Colonial Songster: Containing all the Choice Local Songs, Parodies, &c., of the Celebrated Chas. R. Thatcher [by Chas. R. Thatcher, 1857]
Songs written by the popular songwriter of colonial times, Charles Thatcher.

The Tower of the Dream [by Charles Harpur, 1865]
A booklet-length poem by Charles Harpur.

A Tribute to the Memory of Burke and Wills [1862]
A publication about the explorers Burke and Wills.
(Whilst this publication is a broadsheet, it has been included in this list as its contents are equivalent to a small booklet.)

Verses Popular and Humorous [by Henry Lawson, 1900]
Poems by Henry Lawson.

The Ways of Many Waters, by E. J. Brady, front cover, 100hThe Ways of Many Waters [by E. J. Brady, 1899]
Poems by E. J. Brady.

While the Billy Boils [by Henry Lawson, 1896]
Short stories by Henry Lawson.

The Yellow Wave [by Kenneth Mackay, 1895]
A novel by Kenneth Mackay.

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