The Kookaburra Championship [poem by W. T. Goodge, 13 December 1908]

[Editor: This poem by W. T. Goodge was published in The Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW), 13 December 1908.] The Kookaburra Championship By W. T. Goodge — for the “Sunday Times” Out beyond the Bogan River on an unfrequented track, In that vast expanse of country which the bushmen call “out back,” Is a little one-horse […]

Discoverer of the Lachlan [29 May 1908]

[Editor: An article about the explorer George William Evans. Published in The Albury Banner and Wodonga Express, 29 May 1908.] Discoverer of the Lachlan. It is gratifying to hear that the Works Department is bestirring itself over erecting a memorial to that much-neglected and almost forgotten explorer, George William Evans, the discoverer of the Macquarie […]

“We’ve Got a Big Brother in America” [song by “Dryblower” Murphy, (written 1908) published circa 1924]

[Editor: A song by “Dryblower” Murphy about the visit of the American fleet to Australia in 1908. From the sheet music published circa 1924.] “We’ve Got a Big Brother in America” Written and Composed by “Dryblower” Murphy. Ship O’ war from Yankee land, anchor’d in the bay Underneath the flag of Uncle Sam Built of […]

Wattle Blossoms [poem, 30 October 1908]

“Wattle Blossoms.” [By C.G.L.] Two little folk — like the babes in the wood, Are wandering hand in hand ; Music of Spring makes the deep forests ring, So all things may understand That there’s a “Something now seeming to say “Let everything sing that may, Out of the depths of a winter’s gloom Has […]

The Straight Tip [poem advertisements, 30 October 1908]

[Editor: Two poetical advertisements from the The Alexandra and Yea Standard, 1908.] The Straight Tip. If you want to dream the winner Of the Caulfield or the Cup, Be reckless with your dinner, Also careless how you sup. But for indigestion chronic, With its train of lesser ills. The tip is Laxo-Tonic, Perfect pick-me-up of […]