A variant: The innocent abroad [short story, 2 October 1927]

[Editor: This short story was published in The Sunday Mail (Brisbane), 2 October 1927.] A variant The innocent abroad (By “’Varsity Mac.”) Attired in a grey-tweed suit little too large for him, and carrying all the earmarks of a young dairy-farmer from the Darling Downs, Bob strolled through the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. He was thinking […]

Anzac [poem by C. J. Dennis, 25 April 1927]

[Editor: This poem by C. J. Dennis was published in The Herald, 25 April 1927.] Anzac By C. J. Dennis Anzac! And war’s grim storm . . . The scream of a passing shell, Torn earth, and — a quiet form . . . . “Pass, comrade. All is well.” Nay, but his spirit lives; […]

The wreck of the Batavia [9 June 1927]

[Editor: An article about the Batavia, a vessel of the Dutch East India Company, which was shipwrecked off the coast of Western Australia in 1629. Published in The Capricornian, 9 June 1927.] The wreck of the Batavia. It is seldom realised how narrowly Australia escaped being a Dutch colony, as the first visit of British […]

Gordon’s Grave [poem by M. Robinson, 15 January 1927]

[Editor: A poem about a visit to the grave of the poet Adam Lindsay Gordon. Published in The Camperdown Chronicle, 15 January 1927.] Gordon’s Grave. Beside thy grave I stand deep lost in muse Like some lone pilgrim at a sacred shrine, The shrine to where my thoughts have oftimes flown Winged by thy beautous […]

Australia and self-containedness [4 May 1927]

[Editor: This article is a section from the “Smoke Ho” column in the The Worker. The writer advocates that Australia moves away from being a nation depending upon primary industries, and instead should develop more secondary industries — for reasons of defence, economic and industrial growth, national character building, and the maintenance of standards of […]