First Australian newspaper [11 August 1860]

[Editor: An article about George Howe, publisher of Australia’s first newspaper. Published in The Moreton Bay Courier, 11 August 1860.] First Australian newspaper. The first newspaper in Australia was printed by Mr. George Howe. He was born at St. Kitts (West Indies), where his father and brother were printers. While yet a young man Mr. […]

A True Love [poem by Menie Parkes, 14 January 1860]

[Editor: A poem by Menie Parkes, under the name of “Patty Parsley”. Published in The Australian Home Companion, 14 January 1860.] A True Love. Oh! say not that you love me Because my face is fair; Nor fondly praise my dark eyes, And ebon, flowing hair: For, ere a long to-morrow, My eyes will dim […]

To the electors of the Upper Hunter [election statement of John Robertson, 1 December 1860]

[Editor: An election advertisement regarding the candidature of John Robertson for the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales. Published in The Maitland Mercury, 1 December 1860.] To the electors of the Upper Hunter. Gentlemen — I again offer myself as a Candidate for your representation, and desire to remind you that the dissolution of the […]

Free Selection Before Survey [1 December 1860]

[Editor: A poem published in The Maitland Mercury, 1 December 1860.] Free Selection Before Survey. Arise, ye poor sons of the soil, In slavery no longer toil; Arise, en masse, for now is the hour, Down with Hay, the squatting power. Follow your leader, follow brave Jack, Who manfully sticks to your back; Fight for […]

Sticking-up [29 September 1860]

[Editor: A report of robberies by bushrangers. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 September 1860.] Sticking-up. — Between the Rocky Plain and West Denison, several robberies have been of late committed. What are the mounted patrol about? Mr. Douglas on returning from Kiandra to Russell’s was eased of a few shillings, but unfortunately is […]