[Advertisement for immigration from Britain] [27 January 1824]

[Editor: A notice advertising assistance for immigrants from the United Kingdom. Published in The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 27 January 1824.]

[Advertisement for immigration from Britain]

NOTICE.– The Australian Company’s Agent begs to intimate to the Public, that he is ready, at all Times, to treat with Individuals resident here, for the Passage of Persons from the United Kingdoms to this Colony.

By depositing a Security in his Hands, a Passage out in one of the Company’s Ships, may be arranged in Favour of any intending Emigrant.

Individuals in Want of Free Mechanics, Farm Servants, &c. may also be supplied with them in a way the most satisfactory. — The Agent will enrol the Name of the Party applying for such Mechanics or others, in a Register to he kept at the Company’s Office here, in which Register the Profession of the Person wanted, the Length of Time he is expected to serve, the Rate of Wages to he allowed him on Arrival, and other leading Circumstances shall be stated.

The Advantages this Plan presents are obvious. — The Manager of the Company at Home will personally satisfy himself, that the Mechanics or others he may thus engage are of undoubted moral Character; such Persons in fact, as he himself could confide in, and for whose Integrity and Abilities he can pledge himself.
Families may also, by this Method, be furnished with trustworthy Male or Female Domestics, whose Services can be secured a certain specified Time for a fair and moderate Compensation

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (Sydney, NSW), Tuesday 27 January 1824, page 1S (p.1 of the “Supplement to The Sydney Gazette.”)

[Editor: Corrected “Machanics” to “Mechanics” in the fourth paragraph, in line with the spelling used in the third paragraph.]

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