How We Landed on Gallipoli Peninsula [poem, 13 July 1915]

[Editor: A poem from the First World War. Published in The Geraldton Guardian (Geraldton, WA), 13 July 1915.] How we landed on Gallipoli Peninsula. (By one of the Third Brigade.) Written at Gallipoli, May 28th, 1915. Do you hear what they say? We are getting away To make name and fame for Australia! And the […]

The Men of Australia [poem, 22 June 1915]

[Editor: A poem with a patriotic theme; written during the First World War. Published in the North-Eastern Advertiser (Scottsdale, Tas.), 22 June 1915.] The Men of Australia. The men from the counter and workshop, The men from the hill and the plain, The men from the far northern station Are gathered together again. They have […]

Treating the wounded: Doctor describes scenes: Chaplains lead charges [1 June 1915]

[Editor: A letter regarding the Dardanelles campaign, during the First World War. Published in The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.), 1 June 1915.] Treating the wounded. Doctor describes scenes. Chaplains lead charges. Sydney, Monday. — Dr. Colin Chisholm Ross, of Sydney, writing to his mother from Gezereh Palace, Cairo, on May 1, gives thrilling details of the […]

Big recruiting meeting: Speeches by Messrs Waddell and Hickey, Ms.L.A.: An enthusiastic reception [7 August 1915]

[Editor: This article was published in the Cowra Free Press, 7 August 1915 (during the First World War).] Big recruiting meeting. Speeches by Messrs Waddell and Hickey, Ms.L.A. An enthusiastic reception The Centennial Hall was crowded to the doors on Thursday evening when Messrs Waddell and Mickey, Ms.L.A., delivered vigorous and moderate addresses under the […]

[Australians in Gallipoli: Altering the map] [24 June 1915]

[Editor: This untitled article was published in The Argus (Melbourne), 24 June 1915. It was subsequently reprinted in The Casterton News, 5 July 1915, under the title of “Australians in Gallipoli: Altering the map”.] [Australians in Gallipoli: Altering the map] The Australians have literally altered the map of Gallipoli, and have impressed upon it their […]