“Black Thursday” [article about the 1851 bushfires, 8 February 1910]

[Editor: This article was published in The Star (Sydney), 8 February 1910.] “Black Thursday.” It was 59 years ago last Sunday since Victoria was overtaken by the calamity of those appalling bush fires that gave to the day on which they occurred the designation of “Black Thursday.” Blair’s “Cyclopaedia of Australia” thus describes that memorable […]

“Black Thursday” [article re. a bushfire in Mittyack, 26 January 1922]

[Editor: This article was published in The Argus (Melbourne), 26 January 1922.] “Black Thursday.” MITTYACK, Saturday. — Thursday was a veritable “Black Thursday” in this district, as fires raged fiercely in all directions, and were carried along with great rapidity by the strong hot wind. Considerable damage was done. Among those who suffered heavy losses […]

Black Thursday [article about the 1851 bushfires, 17 January 1857]

[Editor: This article about the 1851 “Black Thursday” bushfires was published in The Argus (Melbourne), 17 January 1857.] Black Thursday. Probably one of the most terrible days of which there is any record in Australian annals was Thursday, the 6th of February, 1851, commonly known as Black Thursday. But a small proportion of our present […]

Australia for Australians: Why “white” Australia is not white [22 March 1908]

[Editor: This article was published in The Sun (Kalgoorlie, WA), 22 March 1908.] Australia for Australians Why “white” Australia is not white. Some reasons and an indictment. By “Albino.” Is the average native born Australian as white as he imagines himself to be? While declaiming over his pot about the shrieking transgressions of the unspeakable […]

Yesterday, the barrier; to-morrow — what? [13 February 1913]

[Editor: This article was published in The Worker (Wagga, NSW), 13 February 1913, as part of “Our Women’s Page” (“conducted by Mary Gilmore”).] Yesterday, the barrier; to-morrow — what? I. Sitting in the Kiosk in Hyde Park the other day and idly watching the pigeons as they flew up and down to the fountain near […]