Young Australia: “Carry on our heritage”: Plea for democracy [by Herbert Gepp, 3 September 1938]

[Editor: This article by Herbert Gepp was published in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate (Newcastle, NSW), 3 September 1938.] Young Australia “Carry on our heritage” Plea for democracy (By Sir Herbert Gepp) Youth may be defined as elasticity, as resilience, as the capacity to adjust. Men and women and nations are young or […]

Australia stands alone [26 April 1930]

[Editor: An editorial regarding the defence of Australia, British and American allies, and White Australia; with its solution being a larger population. Published in The Newcastle Sun (Newcastle, NSW), 26 April 1930.] Australia stands alone It appears difficult for many Australians to realise our isolation in a cold, unfeeling world which, throughout all history, has […]

The drovers [16 November 1926]

[Editor: An article about a train accident, some reminiscences of drovers’ work, and regarding cattle being transported by train. Published in The Federal Capital Pioneer Magazine (Canberra, ACT), 16 November 1926.] The drovers. By “Yarrum.” “Possibly the first to be killed were two drovers. Poor chaps — they had been playing cards in the caboose […]

Is a White Australia possible? [3 January 1922]

[Editor: An article about the Rev. Dr. John Dunmore Lang, immigration, and White Australia. Published in The Register (Adelaide, SA), 3 January 1922.] Is a White Australia possible? From the Rev. J. C. Kirby:— Dr. John Dunmore Lang, minister of the Scotch Church, Sydney, was the first man of note to propound the doctrine of […]

Comrades in arms [26 October 1921]

[Editor: An article about comradeship between soldier settlers (after the First World War). Published in The Gloucester Advocate (Gloucester, NSW), 26 October 1921.] Comrades in arms. An interesting instance of the spirit and comradeship among the soldier settlers on the Murrumbidgee irrigation area comes from Yenda. A young settler, having passed his three months’ probation, […]