A Fossicker’s Yarn [poem by Dryblower, 17 March 1894]

[Editor: This poem by “Dryblower” Murphy was published in “The Wild Cat Column” in The Bulletin (Sydney, NSW), 17 March 1894.] A Fossicker’s Yarn. (For The Bulletin.) No, it’s not the price of water nor the scarcity of grub That the fossicker discusses of an evening at the pub., Or underneath “the Salmons” where on […]

Coolgardie [gold rushes, 21 March 1894]

[Editor: This article is an extract from the “Coolgardie” column, published in The Macleay Argus (Kempsey, NSW), 21 March 1894; it was reprinted from the Hillgrove Guardian (Hillgrove, NSW).] Coolgardie. The Hillgrove Guardian says:— “Letters received here show that none of the Hillgrove men who are at Coolgardie regret having gone there. They have met […]

When the Nigger Saw the Train [poem, 28 April 1894]

[Editor: A poem published in The Bird O’ Freedom, 28 April 1894. Designed to be read as a humorous poem, this is about an Aboriginal man’s first contact with a train.] When the Nigger Saw the Train. In the guileless, simple savage there was nothing out of place, In his naive and native manner, or […]

What Cosme aims at [Cosme Monthly, December 1894]

[Editor: An article from the newsletter of the Cosme colony (of Australian socialists) in Paraguay. Published in Cosme Monthly, December 1894.] What Cosme aims at: The Constitution of Cosme published in the November “Monthly” deals only with the working organization of the colony. Cosme is not a “Common-Wealth” but a “Common-Hold”, all capital being held […]

Madame Nellie Melba [by Henry Frederic Reddall, 1894]

[Editor: A biographical article about Nellie Melba, published in Songs That Never Die, by Henry Frederic Reddall, 1894.] Madame Nellie Melba. Of all the talented and charming prime donne who delight the eyes and ears of the American public, Madame Melba is, without doubt, the leading favorite of to-day. This brilliant singer, who is gifted […]