A Queensland Explorer: Speared to death by blacks [short story, 11 March 1911]

[Editor: A short story published in The World’s News (Sydney, NSW), 11 March 1911.] A Queensland Explorer. Speared to death by blacks. (By E.J.W.) As he stood breasting the bar of the “Traveller’s Rest,” away on the verge of the “Never Never” country in Western Queensland, many years ago, no one had any justification for […]

Hapless Eliza [short story, 24 March 1832]

[Editor: This short story was published in the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (Sydney, NSW), 24 March 1832.] Hapless Eliza. [For the Sydney Gazette]. About two years ago I was induced to visit Australia, with a view to find out or ascertain the fate of a hapless relative of mine, who was married, […]

A variant: The innocent abroad [short story, 2 October 1927]

[Editor: This short story was published in The Sunday Mail (Brisbane), 2 October 1927.] A variant The innocent abroad (By “’Varsity Mac.”) Attired in a grey-tweed suit little too large for him, and carrying all the earmarks of a young dairy-farmer from the Darling Downs, Bob strolled through the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. He was thinking […]

Grapes from a thorn [short story by Agnes L. Storrie, 15 October 1887]

[Editor: This short story by Agnes L. Storrie was published in The Adelaide Observer, 15 October 1887.] The story-teller. Grapes from a thorn. A short story. [By “Ayea” — Agnes L. Storrie, Glenelg.] Being the First-prize Novelette at the S. A. Literary Societies’ Union Competition, September 22,1887. [Published by permission of the Executive Committee of […]

The great Mendax transmitter [short story by Erle Cox, 27 March 1920]

[Editor: This short story by Erle Cox was published in The Australasian (27 March 1920).] The great Mendax transmitter. By Erle Cox. He lives a retired, misanthropic life, in spite of his big income. Partly, I think, because he is without exception the vilest-mannered man in the Commonwealth, and partly because of his undisguised contempt […]