Badger, My Gray [song, 13 October 1894]

[Editor: A song published in The Queenslander, 13 October 1894.] Badger, My Gray. (Supplied by R.C.L., Forest Vale.) The coachman may boast of the speed of his mail, The conductor may talk of his steam and his rail, But for travelling long journeys on day after day O’er Australia’s rough roads give me Badger, my […]

A Hearty “Shake Hands” [poem by Philip D. Lorimer, 3 August 1894]

[Editor: A poem by Philip Durham Lorimer. Published in The Euroa Advertiser, 3 August 1894.] A Hearty “Shake Hands” I know there is naught more delightful in hours. Than the shake of a hand from a friend, It covers my heart with the bloom of life’s flowers That I love and can ever defend. It […]

The old drover’s yarn [short story, 15 May 1894]

[Editor: A short story. Published in The Barrier Miner, 15 May 1894.] The old drover’s yarn. [By Yanco.] “Thanks, boss, I don’t mind. It is cold this evening.” He took my spirit flask and tilted it. “Where’r yer going to camp? Makin’ for the homestid? Damned mean lot there — and beggin’ your pardon for […]

To the Wattle Blossom [poem, 19 July 1894]

To the Wattle Blossom. “Hope, like the gleaming taper’s light, Adorns and cheers the way.” Hail ! to thee, bright bless’d harbinger of spring ; What happy dreams of sunny days thy golden glories bring ; And songs of birds, and azure skies : A wealth of sunlight in thee lies, Dear harbinger of spring; […]

Love’s Golden Flow [Love’s Golden Hour] [poem by Philip D. Lorimer, 24 February 1894]

[Editor: A poem by Philip Durham Lorimer; also published as “Love’s Golden Hour”. Published in The Windsor and Richmond Gazette, 24 February 1894.] Love’s Golden Flow. When drifting clouds in evening bar The glory of the day, And light sinks in that light afar — A line of iron grey — Then let the rest, […]