Mary Gilmore’s letter [by Mary Gilmore, 7 March 1932]

[Editor: This letter from Mary Gilmore was published in The Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW), 7 March 1932.] Mary Gilmore’s letter From Mary Gilmore:— There may be some residents who remember my writings in the “Silver Age,” which at the time I write of was published at Silverton by Messrs. Thistleton and Taylor. I remember […]

Clarrie Dennis’ Message to Lauraites: Laura Days [poem by C. J. Dennis, 1 July 1932]

[Editor: This article includes both a poem and a letter by C. J. Dennis; it was published in The Laura Standard and Crystal Brook Courier (1 July 1932).] Clarrie Dennis’ message to Lauraites. Laura Days. Dreaming to-day in a forest green Where the great gums rake the sky, My thoughts turn back to another scene […]

Caroline Chisholm: A good Australian [by Mary E. Fullerton, 14 May 1932]

[Editor: An article about the life of Caroline Chisholm, written by Mary E. Fullerton. Published in The Argus, 14 May 1932.] Caroline Chisholm. A good Australian. By Mary E. Fullerton. London, March 21. — One important figure in the colonisation of Australia has been somewhat overlooked — Caroline Chisholm. In my childhood Mrs. Chisholm was […]

An Australian Father Christmas [poem, 23 December 1932]

[Editor: A poem published in The Northern Argus, 23 December 1932.] An Australian Father Christmas. (By George White.) I think it is a shame, and I feel we’re all to blame; The way we copy England it’s absurd; But the worst of all the lot is the bit of Tommy rot; I refer to Father […]

Hopin’ [short story by E.S. Latimer, 3 March 1932]

[Editor: A short story by E.S. Latimer. Published in The Queenslander, 3 March 1932.] Hopin’ Complete story by E.S. Latimer “Hope,” said Billy Angus, “means the business of trying to convince yourself that you’ll find some way out of your difficulties when you know there isn’t any.” “Meanin’ you keep on kiddin’ yourself you’ll be […]