Eureka Stockade: A fighting affair of the Australian gold field [George L. Kilmer, 16 July 1892]

[Editor: An article on the Eureka Rebellion, by the American author George L. Kilmer (1851-1905); it contains various inaccuracies, but is of interest regarding how the story of the rebellion was told in other countries. Published in the South Side Signal (Babylon, New York), 16 July 1892.] Eureka Stockade. A fighting affair of the Australian […]

An eccentric seaman [22 January 1892]

[Editor: This is a report on an incident which was the basis for Henry Lawson’s poem “A Study in the Nood”. Published in The Advertiser, 22 January 1892.] An eccentric seaman. Three days without water Port Pirie, January 21. A man belonging to the ship Oweenee, lying at Port Pirie, named Grice was seen yesterday […]

Sir Henry Parkes [article in The Strand, 1892]

[Editor: This article on Sir Henry Parkes was published in the “Portraits of Celebrities” section of The Strand Magazine, 1892.] Sir Henry Parkes. Born 1815. Sir Henry Parkes, Prime Minister of New South Wales, was the son of a Warwickshire farmer, and was born at Stoneleigh. At twenty-four he emigrated to Australia, and for some […]

A Rhyme of the Pretty Girls of Colac [31 May 1892]

A Rhyme of the Pretty Girls of Colac In this dear Southern land of ours, Of pretty girls there’s no lack; And there are none more fair to see Than the pretty girls of Colac. But as, tho’ in the universe Unnumber’d suns are burning, There’s only one that shine’s for me, Despite the scholar’s […]

[Australia is becoming every day more and more Australian] [29 December 1892]

[Editor: This untitled article puts forward the proposition that the increasing population of native-born Australians (in contrast to those who came from overseas) see Australia as their homeland, leading to a growing sense of Australian nationality. Published in The Advertiser, 29 December 1892.] [Australia is becoming every day more and more Australian] In one sense […]