The Buckland River Riot: Victoria’s Lambing Flat [5 March 1932]

[Editor: An article about the Buckland River Riot of 1857. Published in The Argus, 5 March 1932.] The Buckland River Riot. Victoria’s Lambing Flat. By Pipeclay-Brown. Lambing Flat, New South Wales, provided the story of the greatest anti-Chinese riot on the goldfields of Australia. In 1861 diggers in the camp assembled in public meeting and […]

A Bushman’s Song [poem, 21 May 1932]

A Bushman’s Song (By Trix Quinn) I have wandered with my cattle With my sheep and horses, too, I have lived in drought and famine On the creek that’s called Barcoo. I was twenty when I started, I could ride a horse full speed, I could drink a pot of beer, And go without a […]

“Don Bradman.” [song and music videos, 1 September 1932]

[Editor: An excerpt from “The Children’s Pages” section of The Queenslander, 1932. A transcription from the music videos is given at the end.] “Don Bradman.” A reader of “The Queenslander” has our thanks for these words. “Silver Waves” asked for them: Who is it that all Australia raves about ? Who has won our very […]

On the Far Barcoo [song, 24 June 1932]

[Editor: This song is from Bill Bowyang’s column, “On the Track”, in the The Townsville Daily Bulletin, 1932.] Old Bush Verse. Several readers have asked for the words of an old bush song entitled “On the Far Barcoo,” and now that I have received the words I reprint them below: On the Far Barcoo. Hurrah […]

Diamantina Droving [poem, 24 June 1932]

[Editor: This poem is from Bill Bowyang’s column, “On The Track”, in the The Townsville Daily Bulletin, 1932. It could be considered as a late addition to the “Bulletin Debate” started by Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson.] Diamantina Droving. That a drover’s life has pleasures the townsfolk never know Is just poetic fancy from the […]