Under the Southern Cross I Stand [the Australian cricket team’s victory song]

Under the Southern Cross I stand A sprig of wattle in my hand, A native of my native land, Australia, you f***ing beauty! This poem is one used by the Australian cricket team as their “victory song”; to be recited by the team following a win, usually chanted in the confines of their dressing room […]

Australia wins the first test match, 1877 [15 March 1934]

[Editor: An article published in The Argus, 15 March 1934.] It happened to-day Australia wins the first test match, 1877 The first English Eleven to visit Australia was brought out as an advertising venture by the famous catering firm, Spiers and Rond. The team, which was captained by H. H. Stephenson, arrived late in 1861. […]

“The Ashes”: Mythical cricket prize [16 Aug 1926]

[Editor: An article published in The Daily News (Perth, WA), 16 Aug 1926.] “The Ashes” Mythical cricket prize The Ashes for which English and Australian cricketers contend are immaterial. The “authentic” ashes which exist are merely material representations of the mythical prize which has taken men back and forth across the seas for 44 years. […]

C’mon Aussie C’mon [music video, sung by the Mojo Singers]

“C’mon Aussie C’mon” was originally created by the Mojo advertising agency (Sydney) in 1978 as a jingle to promote World Series Cricket (the cricket series started by Kerry Packer as an alternative to that run by the Australian Cricket Board) as part of an advertising campaign on Channel Nine (Packer’s television station); however, the short […]

“Don Bradman.” [song and music videos, 1 September 1932]

[Editor: An excerpt from “The Children’s Pages” section of The Queenslander, 1932. A transcription from the music videos is given at the end.] “Don Bradman.” A reader of “The Queenslander” has our thanks for these words. “Silver Waves” asked for them: Who is it that all Australia raves about ? Who has won our very […]