Keep off the grass [11 October 1901]

[Editor: An editorial critical of the Barton government’s acceptance of the British government’s directive to not create an explicitly racial immigration law. Published in The Independent, 11 October 1901.] Keep off the grass. “When in doubt, play trumps” says Hoyle, of whist. “When in doubt, shout with the largest crowd,” advises Mr Pickwick. “When in […]

Towards Industrial Democracy: The White Australia Policy [by Vance Palmer, 16 August 1917]

[Editor: In this article, Vance Palmer argues that Australia must develop more “original literary, artistic, scientific, or social achievement”, so as to establish itself as a country with a significant contribution to make to civilisation, and thus provide a justification for the continuance of the White Australia Policy. This was part of Vance Palmer’s series […]

Can be no half-measures about White Australia [24 October 1949]

[Editor: An article written by Arthur Calwell, Minister for Immigration, defending the Australian government’s immigration policy. Published in The Argus (Melbourne), 24 October 1949.] Can be no half-measures about White Australia By the Hon. Arthur A. Calwell, Minister for Immigration Professor Macmahon Ball in an article in The Argus of October 17 expresses the belief […]

“White Australia” Policy: Mayor advocates abolition [17 March 1932]

“White Australia” Policy. Mayor advocates abolition. Consternation was caused among councillors at a meeting of the Fitzroy Council last night when the mayor (Councillor E.T. Apps) declared that in order to solve the problem of unemployment the policy of “White Australia” should be abandoned. The council was discussing a report from the Ministry stating that […]

Australian consciousness [26 August 1908]

[Editor: This article contends that the Australian consciousness was increased with the visit of the American fleet to Australian shores (a naval visit that was a mammoth task in those days) and that Australia needed to join in common interest with the USA to prevent “the flooding” of European countries in the Pacific by people […]