A Wattle Badge [letter from Agnes L. Kettlewell, 15 August 1914]

[Editor: This letter from Agnes L. Kettlewell (nee Storrie), regarding the Wattle Day League, was published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 15 August 1914 (during World War One).] A Wattle Badge. To the Editor of the Herald. Sir, — It may interest your readers to know that the Wattle Day League is taking steps to […]

White Australia [poem, 12 August 1914]

White Australia. The shocking revelations made in the Perth Police Court the other day don’t say much for the vaunted policy of a “White Australia,” while it provides a good argument against the maunderings of the “let-’em-all-come brigade.” We’ve fashioned ourselves a splendid song and woven ourselves a creed, We hurl a curse at the […]

The Men Who Made Australia [poem, 19 January 1914]

[Editor: A poem published in The Barrier Miner, 19 January 1914.] The Men Who Made Australia. Some branches of the A.N.A. in Victoria, having advocated the abolition of the kilt uniform of the Scottish regiments in favor of the “Australian uniform,” “Woomera,” of the “Australasian,” writes the following verses:— When first this land was colonised […]