Australian federation: The Natives’ Conference [22 January 1890]

[Editor: This article was published in The Australian Star (Sydney), 22 January 1890.] Australian federation. The Natives’ Conference. Melbourne, Wednesday. The Australian Natives’ Conference was resumed to-day. The principal business was moving the federation resolution. This was done by Mr. N. Melville, M.L.A., New South Wales, who moved that — “The federation of the Australian […]

Australia [Australia Day celebration, 2 February 1903]

[Editor: An article about an Anniversary Day (Australia Day) celebration on 26 January 1903. Published in The Daily Telegraph, 2 February 1903.] Australia. At the A.N.A. dinner in Melbourne on Anniversary Day Mr Deakin, on behalf of the Commonwealth, responded to the toast of the Ministry and Parliament — Federal and State. He said that […]

Australian Natives’ Association [21 April 1888]

[Editor: An article about the Australian Natives’ Association in Mount Gambier. Published in The Border Watch, 21 April 1888.] Australian Natives’ Association. On April 27 the Mount Gambier branch of the Australian Natives’ Association — the pioneer branch of South Australia — will have been a year established. In the twelve months it has progressed […]

The Men Who Made Australia [poem, 19 January 1914]

[Editor: A poem published in The Barrier Miner, 19 January 1914.] The Men Who Made Australia. Some branches of the A.N.A. in Victoria, having advocated the abolition of the kilt uniform of the Scottish regiments in favor of the “Australian uniform,” “Woomera,” of the “Australasian,” writes the following verses:— When first this land was colonised […]

Australian Natives’ Association: Wattle Blossom Social [15 October 1889]

[Editor: An article about a Wattle Blossom social function, organised by members of the Australian Natives’ Association. Published in The Advertiser, 15 October 1889.] Australian Natives’ Association. Wattle Blossom Social. A Wattle Blossom Social, in connection with Adelaide branch No. 1 of the Australian Natives’ Association, was held in the Victoria Hall, Gawler-place, on Monday […]