Song of Anti-White [song by Mary Gilmore, 8 April 1920]

[Editor: This song by Mary Gilmore was published in the “For Worker Women” column (“Conducted by Mary Gilmore”), in The Australian Worker (Sydney, NSW), 8 April 1920.] Song of Anti-White. (With special reference to the “Sydney Morning Herald” and other papers with a cold policy towards the white man.) Fling away the Cross and bring […]

Federation and a white Australia [21 September 1895]

[Editor: A letter to the editor regarding non-white immigration and Australia’s relationship with Britain. Published in The Worker (Wagga Wagga, NSW), 21 September 1895.] Federation and a white Australia. Your Federation article recently contains a high percentage of truth. There is too much talk of the kind of Federation aimed at by our “great men;” […]

[Inaugural meeting of the Australian Republican Union] [5 July 1887]

[Editor: An untitled article from the “News of the day” section of The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 July 1887.] [Inaugural meeting of the Australian Republican Union] A largely-attended meeting was held in the Temperance Hall yesterday evening for the purpose of inaugurating an Australian Republican Union. The chair was occupied by Mr. C. Jones, and […]