[Inaugural meeting of the Australian Republican Union] [5 July 1887]

[Editor: An untitled article from the “News of the day” section of The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 July 1887.]

[Inaugural meeting of the Australian Republican Union]

A largely-attended meeting was held in the Temperance Hall yesterday evening for the purpose of inaugurating an Australian Republican Union. The chair was occupied by Mr. C. Jones, and the proceedings throughout were of the most orderly and unanimous character, the majority of those present being evidently in sympathy with the objects of the meeting.

The chairman, in the course of his speech, explained that the objects which the union was formed to attain were as follows:—
To encourage a national Australian sentiment.
To aim at the abolition of all titular distinctions amongst Australians which had the effect of establishing a fictitous standard of merit.
To ripen the desire on the part of Australians to conduct their own affairs.
To help to build up a federated Australian republic, and to encourage Australian talent.

He also stated that the membership of the union was not to be confined to native-born persons only, but was to be open to all true Australian citizens.

Mr. Rice moved, and Mr. Symons seconded, the following resolution, which was carried unanimously, amidst great applause — “That in the interests of the Australian nation it is desirable to give the heartiest encouragement to the Australian Republican Union, and all who are in favour of the propositions as read are invited to enrol their names as members.”

Several other speakers also addressed the meeting in support of the resolution, the sentiments expressed being generally of a moderate and peaceful character. At the conclusion of the meeting a number of those present enrolled themselves as members of the union.

The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, NSW), Tuesday 5 July 1887, page 9

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