Boothy’s chance [9 September 1916]

[Editor: An article opposing the immigration of Germans into Australia and the election of naturalised Germans into public office, as their primary loyalty may be to their race rather than to Australia (the references to “race” in this article refer to the European races, or nationalities). It also includes an early call for an Australian […]

Australian National Association [3 August 1889]

[Editor: An article about the Australian National Association and its aims. Published in The Clarence & Richmond Examiner, 3 August 1889.] Australian National Association. Such is the title of an organisation recently formed in Sydney. The objects aimed at are — the cultivation of an Australian national spirit with respect to all matters affecting Education, […]

[Inaugural meeting of the Australian Republican Union] [5 July 1887]

[Editor: An untitled article from the “News of the day” section of The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 July 1887.] [Inaugural meeting of the Australian Republican Union] A largely-attended meeting was held in the Temperance Hall yesterday evening for the purpose of inaugurating an Australian Republican Union. The chair was occupied by Mr. C. Jones, and […]


A collection of items regarding Australianism, an idea which, broadly speaking, relates to Australian patriotism and cultural nationalism. Items of significant interest are marked with an asterisk*. [Australian candidates for literary fame] [24 June 1824] An early call for a move towards a more culturally independent Australia, advocating that the Australian intelligentsia be educated in […]