Nationalism [8 August 1888]

[Editor: This article discusses what may be termed “British-Australian nationalism”. Published in The Morning Bulletin, 8 August 1888.] Nationalism. To many observant of what is passing around us it will appear that there are now in Queensland two kinds of nationalism. There is that which has become the characteristic of the party now in power […]

Australian nationalism [letter to the editor, 23 June 1906]

[Editor: This letter to the editor was published in The Barrier Miner, 23 June 1906.] Australian nationalism To the Editor. Sir, — Fifty or sixty years ago Charles Reade wrote “It’s Never Too Late to Mend,” and I think it was in that work that he told of a glorious future for Australia. All the […]

Nationalism rising in Australia [27 January 1949]

Nationalism rising in Australia Melbourne, Wed. — “Australian nationalism is rising in this country, particularly in people under the age of 40. That is a good thing, because Australia will not be left in undisputed possession of this land.” The Minister for Immigration (Mr. Calwell) said this today. He was speaking at a reception given […]

Boothy’s chance [9 September 1916]

[Editor: An article opposing the immigration of Germans into Australia and the election of naturalised Germans into public office, as their primary loyalty may be to their race rather than to Australia (the references to “race” in this article refer to the European races, or nationalities). It also includes an early call for an Australian […]

Australian consciousness [26 August 1908]

[Editor: This article contends that the Australian consciousness was increased with the visit of the American fleet to Australian shores (a naval visit that was a mammoth task in those days) and that Australia needed to join in common interest with the USA to prevent “the flooding” of European countries in the Pacific by people […]