Australia stands alone [26 April 1930]

[Editor: An editorial regarding the defence of Australia, British and American allies, and White Australia; with its solution being a larger population. Published in The Newcastle Sun (Newcastle, NSW), 26 April 1930.] Australia stands alone It appears difficult for many Australians to realise our isolation in a cold, unfeeling world which, throughout all history, has […]

Yesterday, the barrier; to-morrow — what? [13 February 1913]

[Editor: This article by Mary Gilmore was published in the “Our Women’s Page” column (“Conducted by Mary Gilmore”), in The Worker (Wagga Wagga, NSW), 13 February 1913.] Yesterday, the barrier; to-morrow — what? I. Sitting in the Kiosk in Hyde Park the other day and idly watching the pigeons as they flew up and down […]

A raider of 1813-14: Retaking of the Seringapatam [10 July 1920]

[Editor: An article about a planned invasion of Australia, by American and French forces, during the War of 1812 (fought between the USA and Great Britain, 1812-1815). Published in The Argus, 10 July 1920.] A raider of 1813-14. Retaking of the Seringapatam. By T. Dunbabin. The Germans were not the first to establish a hostile […]

The Chinese question [22 December 1897]

[Editor: An article expressing concerns over defence matters facing Australia if several European countries were to take over parts of China. Published in The National Advocate, 22 December 1897.] The Chinese question. A few years ago the Chinese problem that troubled Australia was the possibility of an invasion from the countless hordes of the Mongolian […]

Australian patriotism or nationalism: Speech by Lord Carrington [30 September 1889]

[Editor: An article regarding the imperial-patriotic relationship between Australia and Britain. Published in The Brisbane Courier, 30 September 1889.] Australian patriotism or nationalism. Speech by Lord Carrington. Speaking at the King’s School, Parramatta, last week, Lord Carrington said:— It has given me much pleasure to attend your prize-giving as well as your sports, which show […]