The Chinese and the diggers at the Rocky River [letter to the editor, 3 August 1861]

[Editor: A letter from a miner, regarding problems between European and Chinese miners at the Rocky River goldfield. Published in The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, 3 August 1861.] The Chinese and the diggers at the Rocky River. To the Editors of the Maitland Mercury. Gentlemen — As you have copied a correspondence […]

Lecture on the Chinese question [17 December 1878]

[Editor: A report on a lecture given by the Rev. Joseph Coles Kirby. Published in the Newcastle Morning Herald & Miners’ Advocate, 17 December 1878.] Lecture on the Chinese question. Last evening the Rev. J. C. Kirby delivered, at the Protestant Hall, King-street, a lecture to a very attentive and respectable audience, on the above […]

Chinese Immigration [song by Charles Thatcher, 1857]

[Editor: This song by Charles Thatcher was published in Thatcher’s Colonial Songster, 1857.] Chinese Immigration. Original Song — Written and Sung by Mr. C. R. Thatcher. “Tune — Dicky Birds.” You doubtless read the papers, And as men of observation, Of course you watch the progress Of Chinese immigration — For thousands of these pigtail […]

Nationalism in Australia [20 October 1888]

[Editor: An article on Australian nationalism, the British imperial connection, and Chinese immigration. Published in The Brisbane Courier, 20 October 1888.] Nationalism in Australia The Pall Mall Gazette of 6th September, writing of the action of the Chinese Government in refusing to ratify the American Exclusion Treaty, says it is sincerely to be hoped that […]

[The subject of Chinese immigration] [11 January 1888]

[Editor: This untitled article considers the problems of a future Australia dealing with an emergent China. Published in The Age, 11 January 1888.] [The subject of Chinese immigration] One of the questions that a Federal Council might deal with to some good purpose is the subject of Chinese immigration, for it is a question that […]