The state prisoners [letter from the Eureka Rebellion prisoners, 14 February 1855]

The state prisoners [letter from the Eureka Rebellion prisoners, 14 February 1855] [Editor: A letter from the Eureka Rebellion prisoners. Published in The Age, 14 February 1855.] The state prisoners The following is the copy of a letter addressed by the state prisoners now awaiting their trial in the Melbourne Gaol to the Sheriff, complaining […]

[Mr. John Lynch] [22 March 1906]

[Editor: This article about John Lynch was published in the “About people” column in The Age, 22 March 1906.] [Mr. John Lynch] Mr. John Lynch, one of the early pioneers of Ballarat and the last of the captains who fought under Peter Lalor at the Eureka Stockade, died on Wednesday at his residence at Smythesdale. […]

Vern’s last letter [15 January 1855]

[Editor: A letter from Frederick Vern, one of the leading figures in the Eureka Rebellion. Published in The Age, 15 January 1855.] Vern’s last letter The following letter — the last written in these colonies by the now celebrated Vern — has been sent to us for publication. Our readers may rely on its authenticity. […]

[An amusing incident] [26 April 1887]

[Editor: An extract from the news section of The Age, 26 April 1887.] [An amusing incident] An amusing incident which happened at the King-street police station last week is the subject of conversation amongst the city force, and is to be enquired into at headquarters. A man named Webb who was locked up as drunk […]

[The subject of Chinese immigration] [11 January 1888]

[Editor: This untitled article considers the problems of a future Australia dealing with an emergent China. Published in The Age, 11 January 1888.] [The subject of Chinese immigration] One of the questions that a Federal Council might deal with to some good purpose is the subject of Chinese immigration, for it is a question that […]