[Australians in Gallipoli: Altering the map] [24 June 1915]

[Editor: This untitled article was published in The Argus (Melbourne), 24 June 1915. It was subsequently reprinted in The Casterton News, 5 July 1915, under the title of “Australians in Gallipoli: Altering the map”.] [Australians in Gallipoli: Altering the map] The Australians have literally altered the map of Gallipoli, and have impressed upon it their […]

Thrilling story of pluck: Australasian soldiers’ heroism: Held position against overwhelming odds [8 June 1915]

[Editor: This article about an action in the Dardanelles campaign was published in the Port Pirie Recorder, 8 June 1915.] Thrilling story of pluck. Australasian soldiers’ heroism. Held position against overwhelming odds. Cairo, Sunday. The wounded include Major Dawson, of New Zealand, who is now recovering. Major Dawson, with 150 Australians and New Zealanders, held […]

The casualties: Careers summarised [3 May 1915]

[Editor: This article gives some personal details of some of the Australian military casualties (killed and wounded) from the Gallipoli campaign (First World War). It was published in The Argus, 3 May 1915.] The casualties. Careers summarised. Lieut.-Colonel H. E. Elliott, one of the best-known Victorian citizen soldiers, is an old Ballarat boy, being a […]

Anzac Day

Articles, letters, and poems regarding the Gallipoli campaign, the Anzacs, and Anzac Day. Heroes of the Dardanelles [6 June 1915] Extracts of letters from several Australian soldiers. Australians at work: Brisk battles fought: Heavy losses reported [7 June 1915] A cable message from Major-General Sir Ian Hamilton, reporting on the fighting at Gallipoli. This is […]

“Turks won’t reap the barley” [25 June 1915]

[Editor: A letter from an Australian soldier. Published in The Register, 25 June 1915.] “Turks won’t reap the barley.” Following are extracts of a letter from Capt. Kayser, 12th Battalion, to his wife, dated from Gallipoli Peninsula, Anzac Cove, May 15:— “We none of us knew until we were out at sea, well away from […]