The Sundowner [poem by John Shaw Neilson]

[Editor: A poem by John Shaw Neilson. Published in Beauty Imposes: Some Recent Verse (1938) and the Jindyworobak Anthology, 1942.] John Shaw Neilson The Sundowner I know not when this tiresome man With his shrewd, sable billy-can And his unwashed democracy His boomed-up pilgrimage began. Sometimes he wandered far outback On a precarious tucker track; […]

“We’ve Got a Big Brother in America” [song by “Dryblower” Murphy, (written 1908) published circa 1924]

[Editor: A song by “Dryblower” Murphy about the visit of the American fleet to Australia in 1908. From the sheet music published circa 1924.] “We’ve Got a Big Brother in America” Written and Composed by “Dryblower” Murphy. Ship O’ war from Yankee land, anchor’d in the bay Underneath the flag of Uncle Sam Built of […]

Our existence must we measure [poem by William Forster]

Our Existence Must We Measure. The author of this poem, Hon. William Forster, was born in Madras in 1818, but removed to Australia when eleven years of age. He was for a time Premier of New South Wales. He died about 1886. Our existence must we measure By the flight of years or days ? […]

What the Bottle Said [poem by E.J. Brady]

[Editor: This poem by E. J. Brady was published in The Ways of Many Waters (1899) and The Bulletin Reciter (1901).] What the Bottle Said. A blistered span of blazing sand, A burning arch of sky . . . Despair and Death on either hand . . . Alone . . . And so to […]

Australian Hymn [song by the Rev. John Dunmore Lang, 1826 (republished 1835)]

[Editor: Written by John Dunmore Lang, this was published in the The Colonist (4 June 1835). Previously published in Lang’s book, Aurora Australis; or Specimens of Sacred Poetry, for the Colonists of Australia (1826) under the title “Australian Hymn: For the Native Youth of the Colony”.] Hymn, for the Native Youth of the Colony. [From […]