Ald. Robert G. Kilgour [obituary, 31 March 1938]

[Editor: This article was published in The Raymond Terrace Examiner and Lower Hunter and Port Stephens Advertiser (Raymond Terrace, NSW), 31 March 1938.] Ald. Robert G. Kilgour The death occurred on Sunday 20th, of Ald. R. G. Kilgour for a long period one of Newcastle’s prominent and most useful citizens. He had been Mayor seven […]

Ald. R. Kilgour: Death ends long career: Seven times mayor [obituary, 21 March 1938]

[Editor: This article was published in Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate (Newcastle, NSW), 21 March 1938.] Ald. R. Kilgour Death ends long career Seven times mayor Ald. Robert George Kilgour, seven times Mayor of Newcastle, and a man with an outstanding record in public life, died at 5.50 p.m. yesterday. He was 71. In […]

Outback [poem by Rex Ingamells, 1938]

[Editor: This poem by Rex Ingamells was published in the Jindyworobak Anthology, 1938.] Rex Ingamells Outback All the unhallowed beauty I have found; All free-discordant shrills and form-defying wonders above ground, like writhen trees with draggled foliage struggling along the courses of wayback creeks; scarlet-and-green sky-streaking parrot-fires with parrot-shrieks echo-shattering the shoulders of the hills; […]

Australia in the making: The sensational story of Bligh and Macarthur [3 August 1938]

[Editor: A review of H. V. Evatt’s book on the Rum Rebellion. Published in The Australian Worker (Sydney), 3 August 1938.] Australia in the making The sensational story of Bligh and Macarthur A review of Mr. Justice Evatt’s book, “Rum Rebellion” There are few periods in history more entrancing, from the sociological point of view, […]

Kinship [poem, 15 January 1938]

[Editor: A poem by Frida Allen Phillips. Published in The Methodist, 15 January 1938.] Kinship No level stretch of snowy white Greets our awak’ning eyes, But under Summer’s shimmering sun Our Christmas landscape lies. No brightly breasted robin waits Our kindly crumbs to share. But birds in many a full-leaved tree Are warbling everywhere. We […]