The real Australian tongue [by P. I. O’Leary, 11 August 1938]

[Editor: This article about the languages of the Australian Aborigines, by P. I. O’Leary, was published in The Advocate (Melbourne, Vic.), 11 August 1938.] The real Australian tongue Too true it is, alas, that the Australian Aborigines are becoming fewer and fewer. Will they, like the Tasmanian Aborigines, become extinct? Late, perhaps too late, we […]

A Rhyme of the Ragged Thirteen: A Back-to-the-Goldfields Ballad [poem by “Dryblower” Murphy, 21 August 1938]

[Editor: This poem by “Dryblower” Murphy was published in The Sunday Times (Perth, WA), 21 August 1938.] A Rhyme of the Ragged Thirteen A Back-to-the-Goldfields Ballad (By Dryblower.) The cases of fizz are on the ice, the table turkey’s trussed (Hang the bother and hang the price when it’s vintage versus dust). There’s crooners to […]

Young Australia: “Carry on our heritage”: Plea for democracy [by Herbert Gepp, 3 September 1938]

[Editor: This article by Herbert Gepp was published in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate (Newcastle, NSW), 3 September 1938.] Young Australia “Carry on our heritage” Plea for democracy (By Sir Herbert Gepp) Youth may be defined as elasticity, as resilience, as the capacity to adjust. Men and women and nations are young or […]

Ald. Robert G. Kilgour [obituary, 31 March 1938]

[Editor: This article was published in The Raymond Terrace Examiner and Lower Hunter and Port Stephens Advertiser (Raymond Terrace, NSW), 31 March 1938.] Ald. Robert G. Kilgour The death occurred on Sunday 20th, of Ald. R. G. Kilgour for a long period one of Newcastle’s prominent and most useful citizens. He had been Mayor seven […]

Ald. R. Kilgour: Death ends long career: Seven times mayor [obituary, 21 March 1938]

[Editor: This article was published in Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate (Newcastle, NSW), 21 March 1938.] Ald. R. Kilgour Death ends long career Seven times mayor Ald. Robert George Kilgour, seven times Mayor of Newcastle, and a man with an outstanding record in public life, died at 5.50 p.m. yesterday. He was 71. In […]