Who named Australia? [letter to the editor, 14 June 1905]

[Editor: This letter to the editor was published in the The Sydney Morning Herald, 14 June 1905. The writer contends that Pedro Fernandez de Quiros (whose surname was also spelt “Queiros”) named Australia, however, it was the New Hebrides that he named “Austrialia del Espiritu Santo”; Quiros never even saw Australia, and therefore took no […]

[Australia’s Birth-day] [song, 3 February 1827]

[Editor: A song written in 1827, to the tune of “Patrick’s Day”, for the celebration of the founding of New South Wales. Published in The Monitor, 3 February 1827.] [Australia’s Birth-day] The following Paraphrase on one of Moore’s National Melodies, arranged expressly for the occasion, was sung by Mr. A. Hill, at the late Anniversary […]

Effusions of Gratitude [poem, 30 January 1813]

[Editor’s note: This 1813 poem contains a rare early usage in print of the word “Australia” (see the 4th line), especially as applied to the discovered continent (i.e. as distinct from any early references to a theoretical southern land mass); this pre-dates Matthew Flinder’s recommendation of the word “Australia” in his A Voyage to Terra […]

Relation of a Memorial [Captain de Quiros reports on Australia Incognita, ca.1607-1614, reprinted 1770]

[Editor: This is a presentation made to King Phillip II of Spain by Captain Pedro Fernandez de Quiros (a Portugese explorer working for the Spanish monarchy). It mentions “Australia del Espiritu Santo”, although Captain de Quiros was actually referring to the New Hebrides, which he had discovered and had assumed was the great southern land […]