Outback [poem by Rex Ingamells, 1938]

[Editor: This poem by Rex Ingamells was published in the Jindyworobak Anthology, 1938.] Rex Ingamells Outback All the unhallowed beauty I have found; All free-discordant shrills and form-defying wonders above ground, like writhen trees with draggled foliage struggling along the courses of wayback creeks; scarlet-and-green sky-streaking parrot-fires with parrot-shrieks echo-shattering the shoulders of the hills; […]

Garchooka, the Cockatoo [poem by Rex Ingamells, July 1937]

[Editor: This poem by Rex Ingamells was published in Venture: An Australian Literary Quarterly (Adelaide), July 1937.] Garchooka, the Cockatoo. While now the waters, wind-stirred and red-glowing, Shadowed by the evening gloom of gums, Bend in their banks the way the day is going, While a dusk-gold haze of insects comes Over the ripples in […]