An eccentric seaman [22 January 1892]

[Editor: This is a report on an incident which was the basis for Henry Lawson’s poem “A Study in the Nood”. Published in The Advertiser, 22 January 1892.]

An eccentric seaman.

Three days without water

Port Pirie, January 21.

A man belonging to the ship Oweenee, lying at Port Pirie, named Grice was seen yesterday afternoon by the guard of a goods train lying close to the railway line near Warnertown in a nude condition. The guard gave information to Sergeant Campbell here, who dispatched a constable to his assistance. The man was found in an unconscious condition, and was brought into Port Pirie last night. Dr. Stewart attended him, and he will probably recover. Grice, who is in a very weak state, was three days without water, and surprise is expressed that the train did not pick him up. The day was very hot, the glass registering 110° in the shade, and the wonder is how the man survived. It is stated by the crew of the Oweenee that Grice, who is alleged to be eccentric in his habits, jumped overboard on the voyage out, but was rescued by the ship’s boat.

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA), Friday 22 January 1892, page 5

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