Anzac Day

Articles, letters, and poems regarding the Gallipoli campaign, the Anzacs, and Anzac Day. Heroes of the Dardanelles [6 June 1915] Extracts of letters from several Australian soldiers. Australians at work: Brisk battles fought: Heavy losses reported [7 June 1915] A cable message from Major-General Sir Ian Hamilton, reporting on the fighting at Gallipoli. This is […]

Australia Day

Australia Day, the 26th of January, is the anniversary of the foundation of the British colony at Sydney, New South Wales, in 1788. In early years it was commemorated as the First Landing, then as Anniversary Day, then as Foundation Day. It was also known as ANA Day, due to the widespread campaigning by the […]

The Eureka Rebellion

Various articles relating to the Eureka Rebellion of 1854, the Battle of the Eureka Stockade (3rd December 1854), the subsequent Eureka trials, and some of the leading people involved. Ballaarat [14 November 1854] An article regarding some of the problems on the Ballarat goldfields (just prior to the Eureka Rebellion). Ballaarat [1 December 1854] An […]

Australian Aborigines

[The report of the Board for the Protection of the Aborigines] [11 January 1888] This article is an example of the thinking of the time that the Australian Aborigines were a dying race, saying that “the aboriginal race is doomed, and is fated to disappear entirely within a few years”. Mr. Campbell and the Blacks […]


A collection of items regarding Australianism, an idea which, broadly speaking, relates to Australian patriotism and cultural nationalism. Items of significant interest are marked with an asterisk*. [Australian candidates for literary fame] [24 June 1824] An early call for a move towards a more culturally independent Australia, advocating that the Australian intelligentsia be educated in […]