The Warriors’ Sons Who Walked [by “Dryblower” Murphy, 28 April 1929]

[Editor: This poem about the sons of soldiers walking in an Anzac Day parade, written by “Dryblower” Murphy, was published in The Sunday Times (Perth, WA), 28 April 1929.] The Warriors’ Sons Who Walked By Dryblower. Over two hundred boys, sons of soldiers who fell in the Great War, marched last week at the head […]

Anzac Immortelles [poem by M. Robinson, 6 May 1933]

[Editor: A poem published in the Camperdown Chronicle, 6 May 1933.] Anzac Immortelles Hark the silence — to-day is Anzac Day, Time but deepens the heart-wounds of the world’s Great War. But our dear ones who passed beyond the grave with victory, We mortals see with vision imperfected The snow-white altar or self sacrifice afar. […]

The Call From the Dardanelles [poem, 6 October 1915]

[Editor: A poem published in The Referee, 6 October 1915.] The Call From the Dardanelles I stood on the deck of a troopship At the Gate of the Dardanelles, Midst the thunder of warships’ cannon And the bursting of giant shells. Where men were dying in Britain’s cause, To open the Sultan’s door, Shrapnel, rifle, […]

The grief and glory of Gallipoli: Anzac poetry [by A. G. Stephens, 27 April 1929]

[Editor: An article by A. G. Stephens, published in The Brisbane Courier, 27 April 1929.] The grief and glory of Gallipoli. Anzac poetry. By A. G. Stephens. Still, for unforgetting hearts, the grief comes first. Wolla Meranda wrote:— They will never come back, our stalwart men! They will never come back, our splendid men! And […]

Anzacs [poem, 28 April 1942]

Anzacs When you look back through the ages, Turning over history’s pages, You’ll find brave deeds of men In every war; But no breed of man looms bigger, Than the rough and ready Digger — My hat’s off to the Anzacs, It’s those guys I’m speaking for. The above poem was written by a corporal […]