Gordon’s Grave [poem by M. Robinson, 15 January 1927]

[Editor: A poem about a visit to the grave of the poet Adam Lindsay Gordon. Published in The Camperdown Chronicle, 15 January 1927.] Gordon’s Grave. Beside thy grave I stand deep lost in muse Like some lone pilgrim at a sacred shrine, The shrine to where my thoughts have oftimes flown Winged by thy beautous […]

Anzac Immortelles [poem by M. Robinson, 6 May 1933]

[Editor: A poem published in the Camperdown Chronicle, 6 May 1933.] Anzac Immortelles Hark the silence — to-day is Anzac Day, Time but deepens the heart-wounds of the world’s Great War. But our dear ones who passed beyond the grave with victory, We mortals see with vision imperfected The snow-white altar or self sacrifice afar. […]