A True Love [poem by Menie Parkes, 14 January 1860]

[Editor: A poem by Menie Parkes, under the name of “Patty Parsley”. Published in The Australian Home Companion, 14 January 1860.] A True Love. Oh! say not that you love me Because my face is fair; Nor fondly praise my dark eyes, And ebon, flowing hair: For, ere a long to-morrow, My eyes will dim […]

Lines addressed to Miss ———, of V. D. Land [poem, 9 April 1828]

[Editor: A poem published in The Monitor, 9 April 1828.] Lines addressed to Miss ———, of V. D. Land. It was o’er the tall Pine, on the brow of the mountain, The dew-drops distill’d from their crystalline fountain; When the first tint of morning in purple hues flushing, O’er Heav’ns arch’d canopy, radiantly blushing; As […]