A True Love [poem by Menie Parkes, 14 January 1860]

[Editor: A poem by Menie Parkes, under the name of “Patty Parsley”. Published in The Australian Home Companion, 14 January 1860.]

A True Love.

Oh! say not that you love me
Because my face is fair;
Nor fondly praise my dark eyes,
And ebon, flowing hair:
For, ere a long to-morrow,
My eyes will dim with care,
And toil and years and sorrow
Will little beauty spare.

And you will gaze lamenting,
And silently be sighing
For graces you had worshipped
E’en ’neath your praises dying:
And then will come regretting
The beauty you had known —
Soon, soon you’ll be forgetting
The love you once have shown.

But kiss me on my brow, dear,
And bless me with your smile,
And tell me I may know, dear,
Though age my beauties, pale.
Yet I shall ever be, dear,
The darling of your life,
Your sorrow’s closest friend, dear,
Your loved, your own, your wife.

Patty Parsley.

The Australian Home Companion (Sydney, NSW), 14 January 1860, p. 9

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