Australasia Mourns Her Honored Dead [poem by Pat Matthews, ca. 1916]

[Editor: A poem commemorating the anniversary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli. It was published on a single sheet of paper (a leaflet, or handbill), undated, but believed to have been published for the first Anzac Day (1916).] In Memoriam. Australasia Mourns her Honored Dead. Dedicated To our Fallen Heroes on the Anniversary of their […]

The Babington letter [by Ned Kelly, 1870]

[Editor: This was a letter composed by Ned Kelly in 1870 and sent to Sergeant James Babington (of the Kyneton police).] [Background: This was written at a time, following Ned Kelly’s release from police custody, when many people in his area thought that Ned had informed on Harry Power (the bushranger) to the police. As […]

The Parkes letter [by Ned Kelly, 1879]

[Editor: This was a letter composed by Ned Kelly in 1879 and sent to Sir Henry Parkes (Premier of New South Wales).] [Background: In the Parkes letter, Ned Kelly states that he is in Bathurst. It is possible that this was written to aggravate Sir Henry Parkes (Premier of New South Wales) in retaliation for […]

The Jerilderie letter [by Ned Kelly, 1879]

[Editor: This was a letter composed by Ned Kelly in 1879, intended for publication in Victorian newspapers.] [Background: The Jerilderie Letter, dictated by Ned Kelly to Joe Byrne, has been described as Ned Kelly’s “manifesto”, and gives a detailed account of Ned’s relations with the police, including the unjust treatment his family had received at […]

Nationality [poem by Mary Gilmore, 12 May 1942]

[Editor: A poem by Mary Gilmore, written during the Second World War, 12 May 1942.] Nationality I have grown past hate and bitterness, I see the world as one; But though I can no longer hate, My son is still my son. All men at God’s round table sit, And all men must be fed; […]