The Babington letter [by Ned Kelly, 1870]

[Editor: This was a letter composed by Ned Kelly in 1870 and sent to Sergeant James Babington (of the Kyneton police).]

[Background: This was written at a time, following Ned Kelly’s release from police custody, when many people in his area thought that Ned had informed on Harry Power (the bushranger) to the police. As it turned out, the informant was Jack Lloyd (possibly with the connivance of Jimmy Quinn). Ned Kelly was educated enough to write, but was not highly literate, as shown by the various errors of spelling and grammar included in the letter.]

[The Babington letter]

James Babington 28th July

I write these lines hoping to find you and Mister Nickelson in good health as I am myself at present I have arrived safe and I would like you would see what you and and Mstr. Nickelson could do for me I have done all circomstances would alow me which you now [editor: know?] try what you con do answer this letter as soon as posabel direct your letter to Daniel Kelly gretta post office That is my name no more at presant

Edward Kelly

Every one lookes on me like aA black snake send me an answer me as soon posable

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