A Dream of Long Ago [poem, 9 August 1870]

[Editor: A poem published in The Evening News, 9 August 1870.] A Dream of Long Ago. The drooping willows whisper soft, the sedges murmur low, The water-lillies white unveil their breasts of gleaming snow; The kingfisher, a living gem, flits like a meteor by, The sun goes down, the star of eve upriseth in the […]

The centenary of the discovery of New South Wales [23 April 1870]

[Editor: An article commemorating the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the Eastern coast of Australia by James Cook in 1770. Published in The Australian Town and Country Journal, 23 April 1870.] The centenary of the discovery of New South Wales. Amongst the thousands of persons, of all grades and ages, who made holiday on […]

The Babington letter [by Ned Kelly, 1870]

[Editor: This was a letter composed by Ned Kelly in 1870 and sent to Sergeant James Babington (of the Kyneton police).] [Background: This was written at a time, following Ned Kelly’s release from police custody, when many people in his area thought that Ned had informed on Harry Power (the bushranger) to the police. As […]