Australian National Association [3 August 1889]

[Editor: An article about the Australian National Association and its aims. Published in The Clarence & Richmond Examiner, 3 August 1889.]

Australian National Association.

Such is the title of an organisation recently formed in Sydney. The objects aimed at are — the cultivation of an Australian national spirit with respect to all matters affecting Education, Labour, Trade, and Laws. The federation of the Australian colonies into a United Dominion, with uniform tariffs and a provision for a system of Australian National Defence. The vindication and protection of Civil and Political liberties, including the principle of universal suffrage in its integrity; and that laws passed by Australian Legislatures shall not require the sanction of servants of Her Majesty to render them operative. The fostering of Australian industries as a means of developing Agriculture and Manufactures within the Colonies. The exclusion from Australia of Chinese and other servile races. The exclusion from the Islands and waters of Australasia and the Western Pacific, of all foreign convicts.

We notice that Mr. W. H. Traill, M.P., is President, and that the fee of membership is 4s per annum.

The Clarence & Richmond Examiner, (Grafton, NSW), Saturday 3 August 1889, page 6

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