C’mon Aussie C’mon [music video, sung by the Mojo Singers]

“C’mon Aussie C’mon” was originally created by the Mojo advertising agency (Sydney) in 1978 as a jingle to promote World Series Cricket (the cricket series started by Kerry Packer as an alternative to that run by the Australian Cricket Board) as part of an advertising campaign on Channel Nine (Packer’s television station); however, the short […]

The Two Man Band – Up There Cazaly [music videos]

“Up There Cazaly” was written by Mike Brady, to be used as part of an advertising campaign on Channel Seven to promote their televised coverage of Australian Rules football games. Mike Brady and Peter Sullivan (as “The Two Man Band”) released it as a single in 1979 and it became a top hit. The Cazaly […]

John Williamson – True Blue [folk music, videos]

John Williamson – True Blue John Williamson – True Blue [live] John Williamson – True Blue [promotional video]

Advance Australia Fair [early music, videos]

The song “Advance Australia Fair” was written by Peter McCormick in 1878 and became the official Australian national anthem in 1984. Advance Australia Fair Justin Peters – Advance Australia Fair Olivia Newton-John – Advance Australia Fair Damien Leith – Advance Australia Fair Ricki-Lee – Advance Australia Fair Dominic Walsh – Advance Australia Fair One Voice […]

Waltzing Matilda [folk music, videos]

Slim Dusty – Waltzing Matilda John Williamson – Waltzing Matilda The Seekers – Waltzing Matilda The Beggars – Waltzing Matilda Rolf Harris – Waltzing Matilda The Swingle Singers – Waltzing Matilda Olivia Newton-John – Waltzing Matilda Daryl Somers – TITLE Kylie Minogue – Waltzing Matilda Bachelor Girl – Waltzing Matilda