Advance Australia Fair [early music, videos]

The song “Advance Australia Fair” was written by Peter McCormick in 1878 and became the official Australian national anthem in 1984. Advance Australia Fair Justin Peters – Advance Australia Fair Olivia Newton-John – Advance Australia Fair Damien Leith – Advance Australia Fair Ricki-Lee – Advance Australia Fair Dominic Walsh – Advance Australia Fair One Voice […]

Peter Dawson [music videos]

Peter Dawson (born in Adelaide, South Australia, on 31 January 1882) was a popular baritone singer who sang professionally from the early 1900s to the 1950s. After winning various singing contests, he was encouraged to travel to England, where he received further training in music. He was well-received in Britain, and his popularity is credited […]

Dame Nellie Melba [music videos]

Nellie Melba (born Helen Porter Mitchell, in Richmond, Victoria, on 19 May 1861) was a famous Australian opera singer, who performed in operas from 1887 to 1930 (although she had sung on the public stage from 1884, her operatic debut was not until 1887). She studied under Pietro Cecchi in Melbourne and then under Mathilde […]

The Song of Australia [music videos, performed by various artists]

The Song of Australia was written by Caroline Carleton and was the winning entry in a competition held for the best Australian patriotic song in 1859. It went on to become one of the unofficial national anthems of Australia. Song of Australia, sung by Peter Dawson (1932); singing the 1st, 4th and 5th stanzas Song […]