The Bushwackers [music videos]

The Bushwackers are a folk music band (formed in Melbourne in 1971).

The Bushwackers – Flash Jack from Gundagai

The Bushwackers – Lachlan Tigers

The Bushwackers – Lime Juice Tub

The Bushwackers – Shores of Botany Bay

The Bushwackers – Stringybark Creek

The Bushwackers – Wooloomooloo Lair

1974 The Shearer’s Dream
1975 And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda
1976 Murrumbidgee
1978 Bushfire
1980 Dance Album
1981 Faces in the Street
1981 Beneath the Southern Cross
1982 Down There for Dancing
1983 Warrigal Morning
1984 Lively
1988 Celebration
1994 Billy of Tea
1994 So Far
1995 Bushwacked
1996 Jubilee
1997 Oz Rock Salute
1998 No Nuts ’Til Monday
2001 Australian Songbook
2002 Indian Pacific & the Orange Blossom Special
2005 Ned
2006 April 25 [EP]
2007 The Lawson Project “While The Billy Boils”

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  1. Peter Lawler says:

    Great website
    I really appreciate it, but where are the tributes to the miners? the sons of the Southern Cross?
    The glory of this band was their pride in the Southern Cross.

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