The Dingoes [music videos]

The Dingoes were a country rock band (formed in Melbourne) which performed from 1973 to 1979. Several of their albums ranked in the top 40 album charts. Their song “Way out West” went to #26 in the singles charts in Melbourne and “Boy on the Run” reached #30. The Dingoes reformed in 2009.

The Dingoes – Way out West

The Dingoes – Smooth Sailing

The Dingoes – The Last Place I Wanna Be

The Dingoes – Boy on the Run

The Dingoes – No Rain, No River

The Dingoes – Sydney Ladies

The Dingoes – Child in the Middle

The Dingoes – Shine a Light

1974 The Dingoes
1977 Five Times the Sun
1979 Orphans of the Storm
1992 Way out West: The Best of The Dingoes
1995 Five Times the Sun . . . and Other Delicacies
2010 Tracks
1973 Way out West
1974 Boy on the Run
1978 Smooth Sailing
1979 Into the Night

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