Bells and Bees: Verses [by Louis Esson, 1910]

[Editor: This book of poetry by Louis Esson was published in 1910.]

Bells and Bees



Louis Esson


Bush impressions

The Splitter
The Shearer’s Wife
Golden Gully
The Old Black Billy an’ Me
Spring Cattle
The Mother.
Sunset Track
Wild Bees
A Camel Driver
Whalin’ up the Lachlan
Cradle Song


The Kookaburra
Silenus to a Young Satyr
An Assyrian Cast
Evening Hymn to Krishna
The Travail of Nature
A Spring Morning
The Fisher

Brogan’s Lane
Nomad Chant

Thomas C. Lothian
Printed in England

First Edition December 1910.

Printed by Butler and Tanner, Frome and London

Aunt Esther


Most of the following verses first appeared in the Bulletin. Others appeared in The Lone Hand; and one piece was printed in The Heart of the Rose.

L. E.

Louis Esson, Bells and Bees: Verses, Melbourne: Thomas C. Lothian, 1910

Editor’s notes:
This book did not include page numbering; therefore, pages numbers for the poems are given as being counted from the title page, inclusive. It should be noted that there were blank pages both before and after those pages which had printed on them just the section headings (Bush impressions, Fantasies, Brogan’s Lane, and Nomad Chant).

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