The Poems of Joseph Furphy [edited by Kate Baker, 1916]

[Editor: This book of poetry by Joseph Furphy was published in 1916. The poems were collected, after Furphy’s death, by his friend Kate Baker.]

The Poems of Joseph Furphy, front cover 450h


Poems of Joseph Furphy

[Tom Collins, author of “Such is Life”]

Collected and edited by K.B.



A Christmas Hymn

“Glory to God; To Men Good Will!”


A Psalm of Fortitude

A Psalm of Resignation

A Psalm of Patience

A Psalm of Subjection

A Psalm of Counsel

Virtues that Pay

“The Gumsucker’s Dirge”

“The Bullfrog Bell”

“The Schoolhouse on the Plain”

The Fly in the Ointment

Lines for Lizer-Jane’s Album

Birthday Lines to K. B.

A Christmas Greeting to K. B.

A S.S.T.’s Lament

Impromptu Lines

In Memoriam

What the Heart of the Poet Said to the “Bulletin”

Autograph Verses

Breaking the News

“Are You the Cove?”

The Death of President Lincoln

Elegy on Lincoln


Melbourne and Sydney
Lothian Book Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd.

Because “Australia is the Unit,” and because Joseph Furphy was a pioneer, this slight tribute to the genius of the Man, is offered for the appreciation of the people of the Commonwealth of belles-lettres.


Copyright — First Edition, December, 1916

Printed by the Specialty Press Pty. Ltd., Melbourne

K. B. [Kate Baker] (editor), The Poems of Joseph Furphy, Melbourne: Lothian Book Publishing Co., 1916, page

Editor’s notes:
belles-lettres = (French, literally meaning “fine letters”) literature considered to be fine art, particularly regarding literature which is entertaining, refined, and sophisticated; literature of an aesthetic or artistic nature, rather than having an informative purpose

K. B. = Catherine (Kate) Baker (1861-1953), a friend of Joseph Furphy; she was a major advocate of Furphy’s literary works and successfully campaigned for the critical recognition of his novel Such Is Life

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