Sons of New Britannia [song by “The Colonel” (W. T. Goodge), 18 October 1899]

[Editor: This song by W. T. Goodge (using his pseudonym of “The Colonel”) was published in his “Nutshells” column in the Orange Leader, 18 October 1899.] [Sons of New Britannia] After a vain effort to stave off an attack of the prevailing epidemic of war fever the Colonel succumbed on Saturday, and in his delirium […]

Song [Of Britain’s Fair Daughters] [song, 15 October 1840]

[Editor: An untitled song, published in the Australasian Chronicle, 15 October 1840.] Song. Of Britain’s fair daughters, whose glory and fame Have added a wreath to her time honoured name — O give me the pride of the vast southern sea, The youngest, the fairest — Australia for me! The youngest, the fairest — Australia […]

A Patriotic Song [song by Agnes L. Storrie]

[Editor: This poem by Agnes L. Storrie was published in Poems, 1909.] A Patriotic Song. Australia! heiress of the years, Set in thy circling ocean, Dear native land ! by this right hand I pledge thee my devotion. Here is mine arm for thy defence, True as the cross above thee. Here is my brain […]

Unity is Strength ! [song, 6 June 1898]

[Editor: A song written to promote the federation of the Australian colonies.] A federal song. By request we publish the following Federal Song, sung at the demonstration in Sale on Tuesday night by the united choir:— Unity is Strength ! Air, “Men of Harlech.” Come ! Australians ! once for ever Break the bars that […]

Britannia’s Volunteers [song, 12 September 1885]

Britannia’s Volunteers. When air resounds with war’s alarms, And conscripts from afar, Like driven sheep are forced to arms To make aggressive war, Let soldier-ridden lands beware When freemen turn to fight; When Britain’s sons their flag may bear They stand with Freedom’s might. They laugh to scorn our numbers, And say our day is […]